Let’s Talk — Laurie Gilbank

Everyone has problems or issues, some more than others. In today’s culture however, counselling is sometimes viewed as a last resort, a crisis intervention, something we do when we have exhausted our own resources or when we are feeling stuck with the same old problem. Talking with a professional counsellor can assist you to find new solutions, gain support, and chart a path through the difficult seasons of the journey of life!

What is mental health anyway?

Mental health is described as a level of psychological well-being, or an absence of a mental disorder, but when we say that someone is seeing a mental health counsellor we automatically think the negative first!

Why do we see so clearly all of the negatives in life and struggle with the positives?

Some may say that this is conditioning from our parents, some may say that seeing the negative is actually more realistic to our lives and how we live them. Most people are very busy to say the least, taking a vacation seems to be an impossible task. With all of our gadgets to keep us linked to the outside world we seem to forget that we are disconnecting from ourselves and our families, the very things that keep us sane!! Due to this more families are breaking down, more jobs are being lost due to depression, more teenagers are struggling because their basic support system at home is crumbling, there are more addictions because well that’s the way people can cope.

You can see where this is going… this is why checking in with our own mental health is vital to our overall well being.

Self Check?

Read the following statements and see if they apply to your life and how you’re feeling. .

· More often than not, I find it hard to cope with the demands of everyday life
· Someone I loved passed away and I cannot overcome my grief
· Every day I feel angry or hopeless I simply don’t enjoy life anymore

· I’ve lost my appetite for food I’ve turned to drugs or alcohol to overcome feelings
· I just can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep
· I sometimes think about hurting myself or others

If you answered yes to any or see yourself in a few of these statements, it could be time to speak to a Professional Counsellor who would listen to your concerns and make appropriate recommendations to get you on track to better mental and emotional health and well being.

A Guide through Life

Counselling can also be helpful even when you are not in crisis, in fact counselling can be a part of an overall wellness plan that helps to prevent crisis. This is especially true regarding marriage and intimate relationships. Our most important relationships can really benefit from regular ‘tune-ups’ in order to keep them running smooth, passionate, enjoyable and meaningful.

Counselling offers you the therapeutic space and relationship, to explore your life or particular issues. It is a safe and confidential process that offers you support, encouragement, and challenge.

Counselling can give you the time you need to focus on your concerns. It can also be used for personal growth and to increase self knowledge.

Laurie Gilbank