Combination Therapy

Combination Therapy addresses the issues of an individual that relates to concerns of both the body and mind as a whole.

An example of these issues could include combinations such as depression caused by chronic pain, self esteem through bad posture or stress and anxiety as a result of digestive or respiratory problems to name a few.

Bowen Therapy is a gentle physical therapy that provides relief from acute and chronic pain as well as other physical ailments. It treats the body as a whole, not just the area of concern and results in a decrease in muscle tension that encourages relaxation as well as body realignment.

With the reduction in physical stress, tension and pain relief along with an increase in relaxation and energy flows, the speed of cognitive process to achieve clarity of thoughts and feelings can be significantly improved.

Counselling provides the support and guidance to create an increase in confidence, self esteem, motivation and emotional awareness that can help individuals to grow and attain the personal goals on the journey through and in the challenges of life.