Denis Mercier, RMT

Denis Mercier, RMT — I started seeing Laurie when I was suffering from a diagnosed ‘frozen shoulder’ issue. I had seen a few practitioners for relief, some of which had a great deal of experience but no-one could help in any significant way. A friend told me about Laurie and Bowen Therapy and that I should give it shot. I was unfamiliar with this treatment and didn’t know what to expect but I was open to trying because I had been suffering for over a year and was fed up. I scheduled an appointment and met Laurie where she proceeded to share with me the concepts of Bowen Therapy. I was intrigued and excited to get my first treatment. I was surprised to see that the administration of the technique was intermittent in nature. She would enter the treatment room where I laid fully dressed on a table and would address specific areas of my body with gentle hand movements and would then leave the room to allow my body to ‘process’. This went on for about a half hour and I felt very relaxed by the end of the session. I went home thinking, wow, that was different and knew that I felt different but was still experiencing the pain and restricted range of motion in my frozen shoulder, though it did feel a little better. The next morning I awoke and went on with my morning rituals. While showering I noticed that I could bring my affected arm all the way up to wash my hair without pain! I couldn’t believe this was happening! I went through my routine in amazement and was absolutely delighted and relieved. I was so excited that I woke up my partner to show her how I could move my arm again and that I was no longer in pain. She too was amazed. All of this relief came from a modality I hadn’t heard of before but was open to try out. After just one treatment, my body was transformed. She had triggered something in my body that allowed my body to heal itself. It was a breakthrough for me and my body and I proudly share this story with friends and clients because if it worked for me, perhaps it will work for them. I continue to work with Laurie for maintenance and I always feel great after spending time with her. She is always present and truly cares about my wellbeing. I would highly recommend her services because it changed my life when I thought nothing could and I feel awesome after every visit.