Valerie C.

Valerie C. —

I had been going to Laurie for over a year to get Bowen treatments in regards to my foot pain. I have had this pain since I was a child and the doctors have still not been able to diagnosis it. Their treatment method relied heavily on multiple medications that only masked the pain for a short period of time, which ended up causing the medications to do more harm than good. I relayed my concern to Laurie about wanting to eliminate the medications from my life and find a healthy, natural way to alleviate my pain. Laurie was able to give me exactly what I needed! The Bowen treatments were something I looked forward to every week because I knew I would be able to go home and sleep in peace without being woken up in pain. Each treatment was able to provide me with roughly 1 week of pain relief before I would need to go for my next treatment. I am sad to say that since moving away I have had to stop my treatments, but it is honestly something I miss and wish I was able to still continue with her. Laurie Gilbank has created an environment that makes you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. She is able to modify her techniques and procedures to fully effect your pain in a beneficial way. Not once have I ever left her office in disappointment or in discomfort. She is full of wisdom and knowledge about health, wellness and general everyday life. You will feel the desire to open up and place your trust in her hands to help you through your challenging needs. Thank you Laurie for all you have done for me, Best wishes, Valerie C.